What Type of Homebuyer Are You?

Home seekers can be divided into four types. Knowing what type you are will enable you to attract like-minded buyers and increase the re-sale value of your home when deciding where to sink your home renovation dollars.

1. SOCIAL ANIMALS Social animals value spending time with neighbours and going for neighbourhood walks, having a park or community nearby, entertaining friends, hanging around the kitchen with friends or family, enjoying the deck or backyard and walking the dog. While the “feel” of the neighbourhood is a big selling point for these “people people,” renovations that could warm their hearts would be a comfortable new deck, spacious and homey kitchen renovation, fireplace, attractive backyard fencing and front yard friendly curb appeal.

2. SUN & FOOD TRADITIONALISTS Above all, sun and food traditionalists value bright and sunny homes with lots of open space, fancy kitchens and gardens, and formal dining and living rooms. They respond to the esthetic aspects of life and want this reflected in their homes. Renovations that would appeal to this bunch? Gourmet elements in the kitchen, a fresh, sunny paint job, thoughtful landscaping, removing walls within the home to open it up, and formal elements such as high-quality flooring and crown molding.

3. PLEASURE SEEKERS For pleasure seekers, the experiences in life make it worth living. They’re somewhat oblivious to interior decorating and fancy faucets. But show them renovations such as a hot tub, pool, Jacuzzi tub, home theatre room with surround sound, recreation room complete with entertainment centre, pool table, juke box and built-in bar, or a backyard deck with built-in barbeque and they’ll be ready to let the good times roll.

4. VILLAGERS Villagers are willing to sacrifice space and even comfort in order to be able to live close to the conveniences they care about. Having grocery stores, restaurants and shops within walking distance, or a short car ride away, makes life exciting for these urbanites, and uses their time in the best way possible. Home details that will catch their eyes would be ingenious and efficient uses of space, professionally organized closets, open living space and high-quality materials and fixtures that elevate cramped quarters.